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Points Guide - how you earn & how you can spend your points

You definitely want to know how much worth is one point? Well, each point is worth 1 EUR (approx. 0.84 GBP). This is our way to thank you for your confidence and loyalty in us and to offer you even more discount on your car hire rates.

Ways of earning points:

In order to earn and spend points, you must have an activated customer account with us. If you do not have one yet, please click here and open a new account within 5 minutes.

1) Opening a customer account

As a welcome gift, we will credit 3 points when opening a new customer account with us. Simply open and activate your account. Further you need to make at least one car hire reservation online (with minimum of 6 rental days) and accomplish it.

2) Through your own car hire reservation

Every time you book your car hire with us, you will get a certain amount of points credited to your account. The amount of points is depending on the selected car group and rental period. The exact amount of points, which you can earn is visible in step 2 of the reservation system. Just click on to see the points you will earn.

3) Through referring new clients to us

a) Recommend our car hire service (of course, only if you are happy with us) and we credit points to your account.
The referred client can, but must not create a new customer account with us in order to credit your points to your account.
For new clients which do not open a new account you earn: 3 points.
For new clients which do open a new account you earn: 2 points.

b) Every time one of your referred client is referring a new client on his own, you will earn points too. This means you earn in the 2nd level of your referred clients. Current reward for 2nd line clients:1 points.

How to refer new clients?

Simply advise them to enter your username in the appropriate field when making a car hire reservation. The field is located in step 1 with the name "Recommended by user".

After their reservation has been accomplished you will get points credited to your account.

You see, it's that simple to earn points.

Spending points:

At this time, points can only be spend with online made car hire reservations and will reduce your car hire costs.
Simply log in to your account before making a new reservation. In step 4 of the car hire reservation system you will have the option "Using my points to pay". Your current active points, available to reduce your car hire price, will be shown there.

Just select the checkbox as shown above to use your total points to pay for your car hire price.


  1. Only activated accounts can get points credited to
  2. You must have at least one accomplished car hire reservation to be able to spend points and to be able to get the starting points credited to your account
  3. In combination with other discounts, promotions or using our promotional codes/coupons when making your online reservation, points are not available to reduce your car hire price
  4. All points are valid during two years, counting from the last day of your car rental, where you last earned points. All points left after the two years will expire

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